The new and improved plug-in for Erlang/OTP development using Maven2.

Build, compile, test, package and deploy Erlang/OTP applications and projects.

List of the most recent releases and links to the full project documentation for each released version of the plug-in.

erlang maven plug-in

The Maven Erlang Plug-In

This plug-in for Maven makes it very easy to build, test, package and deploy Erlang applications and projects. It manages dependencies and artifacts and allows for trouble-free integration with existing software development infrastructure.

Release packaging - this plug-in does it! Combine library- and OTP-applications into release systems and upgrade packages that can be used directly with the Erlang release handling tools. Deployment and system upgrade can't be easier.

Latest release

: Maven Erlang Plug-In version 2.2.0. This third release adds some more fixes and improvements. We now have over a year of experience, with the plug-in in day-to-day use, and it's proven to be reliable and efficient. Building, packaging and managing dependencies can't be easier. Read the full list of changes for more information.

Now we really want to make the plugin, and the use of dependencies simpler and more easily available to other Erlang/OTP developers. First of all, the plug-in code will now be mirrored in our organization repository at GitHub. Also, we will host some third party Erlang/OTP applications and libraries, as Maven projects, and make them available in the Sonatype OSS Repository.


Previous releases

: Maven Erlang Plug-In version 2.1.0 | Release Notes

: Maven Erlang Plug-In version 2.0.0 | Release Notes

Supporting Open Source

Lindenbaum GmbH

Lindenbaum GmbH is a provider of carrier-grade phone, audio, and web conference systems. The core plug-in development team members are employed by Lindenbaum GmbH and the plug-in is used for Erlang development with Maven. Being able to use our existing development infrastructure for continuous integration, artifact management or testing and deployment, saves us from a lot of unnecessary work.