Plugin Configuration

This plugin can be configured several ways:

  • pom parameters
  • defines given to the maven command line
    mvn -Dparameter1=value ...

Grouped Parameter Summary

For the default values please refer to the specific mojo documentation.


  • cookie: specifies the cookie used for the plugin nodes
  • erlCommand: specifies the erlang command used to start an erlang backend node (must exist and the destination must be executable), if the given command does not fullfill these requirements erl is used (assuming the command is part of the hosts PATH, please note that erlCommand must not contain any arguments passed to the command



  • skipDialyzer: will skip the dialyzer analysis when packaging
  • dialyzerOptions: will be passed to dialyzer, see
  • dialyzerWarningsAreErrors: will break the build when a dialyzer run returns warnings
  • dialyzerWithDependencies: will include the projects dependencies into the dialyzer run. Only for packaging erlang-otp.

Application Testing

  • test: will only run this module (using eunit)
  • skipTests: will skip test compilation and running

Release Packaging

  • tarOptions: will be passed to systools:make_tar/2, see
  • scriptOptions: will be passed to systools:make_script/2, see
  • includeErts: will package the system dependent erlang emulator taken from the backend node's erlang installation along with the release package. For further information see ./package-release-mojo.html.
  • otpRelease: mandatory parameter that must be set to the erlang/OTP release version (as returned by erlang:system_info(otp_release)) the required erlang/OTP standard applications will be included from (by version). Note: The backend node as to run this version of erlang/OTP to be able to find the needed versions of the erlang/OTP standard applications.
  • skipReleaseTest: will skip the check for the required erlang/OTP release version the build will be based on. Skipping this check will include the standard erlang/OTP applications in the version available on the backend node regardless if these versions are suitable for your own applications.