This is an open project and all code is available for enhancement or modification. In general, if you are considering contributing, please start by interacting using the issue-tracker.

Contributing Code

If you feel like contributing you must download and use the following referenced template documents:

  • Java Code Formatting Template for Eclipse - lindenbaum-java-format.xml
  • Java Import Order Template for Ecilpse - lindenbaum.importorder

    Always ensure that you apply the formatting rules as a Save-Action.

    NOTE: If you wish to use some other editor or IDE you must convert the formatting template and ensure that formatting etc. is properly applied.

Unit Testing

You must write unit tests to cover any code that you wish to contribute - no exceptions.

For mocks please use, the already added dependency,

Integration Testing

If your testing requires anything beyond mocking eg. create/modify files, generate source-code or an actual project setup with the plug-in enabled, use the

There is already a profile prepared to execute the integration tests using the invoker plug-in. All invoker tests under src/it will be executed by calling:

mvn -Pit

The invoker is configured to clone tests into target/it before invoking them (with mvn package), so look for your failures and results there.