Maven Erlang Plug-In Release Notes

Release History

1.0.0-beta2010-12-17Initial release

Release 1.0.0-beta - 2010-12-17

updateChanged the use of the "test" property, a single specified test (-Dtest=some_test) is always considered to have a .beam suffix, but never assumes anything else about the test module name.olle-t
addNew mojo that copies test-resources, bound to the generate-test-resources phase.olle-t
fix'TEST' was not set while compiling sources in testphase for coverage. Added setting of 'TEST' macro to the cover2:compile call.heyll
addNew parameter for the run goal, allowing optional command line parameters to be passed to the starting Erlang node.olle-t
addParameter in the package goal, controlling if the temporary directory is deleted or not.olle-t
addAdded mock system (formerly known as ltest_mock, formerly known as erlymock). The system is automatically available for test modules during the test phase.schlagert, heyll
fixFixed various problems in test/compile phase when using include files from dependency applications.schlagert, heyll
updateChanged dialyzer to run on sources not beams.schlagert
addNew (fixed) surefire report generation handling each test module as separate test suite. Therefore an alternative surefire module is provided by the plugin.schlagert
addAdded run goal for packaging erlang-otp to compile/test and run an erlang/OTP application for easy testing.schlagert
addRelease file generation and management support.schlagert
addApplication file generation and management support.schlagert
addAdded initial site documentation, generation of plugin-docs, changes and some development/contribution information.olle-t
addNew coverage report, replacing the old one. Now includes line-coverage with annotated source code listings.olle-t
fixFixed cover compilation with the export_all option to provide coverage reports for non-exported module functions. Therefore an alternative, patched cover module is provided by the plugin.schlagert
addAdded support for the maven-release-plugin by using application and release packaging variables in .app and .rel files.schlagert
addAdded possibility to include non-erlang sources into application packages.schlagert
fixFixed different problems with release packaging.schlagert
addChanged erlang-otp packaging to .tar.gz internally.schlagert
addAdded several unit and integration tests.schlagert
addRewritten all mojos from the original maven-erlang plugin.schlagert
addInitial feature set: Compile project and test sourcesschlagert
addInitial feature set: Execute eunit testsschlagert
addInitial feature set: Execute dialyzer on erlang/OTP applications and releasesschlagert
addInitial feature set: Generate site documentation with edoc for project and test code as well as surefire test reports and basic test code coverageschlagert
addInitial feature set: Package erlang/OTP applicationsschlagert
addInitial feature set: Package erlang/OTP releases (consisting of erlang/OTP applications)schlagert
addInitial feature set: Project setup-goal, with defaults for site and changelog, main sources and tests.olle-t