Plugin Configuration

This plugin can be configured several ways:

  • pom parameters
  • defines given to the maven command line
    mvn -Dparameter1=value ...

Grouped Parameter Summary

For the default values please refer to the specific class documentation.


  • skipDialyzer: will skip the dialyzer analysis when packaging
  • dialyzerOptions: will be passed to dialyzer, see
  • dialyzerWarningsAreErrors: will break the build when a dialyzer run returns warnings
  • dialyzerWithDependencies: will include the projects dependencies into the dialyzer run. Only for packaging erlang-otp.




  • test: will only run this test case / test module
  • skipTests: will skip the eunit tests for this maven run
  • failIfNoTests: will break the build if no eunit tests are found in the project

Application Packaging

  • failOnUndeclaredModules: will break the build when the application file does not contain all found modules

Release Packaging